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Chapter 25 – In which a wizard finds a heart

The fallen star flickered as it got closer, swaying back and forth as she walked up to him, carrying the weight of a life in her hands. It was really quite pretty. Despite the black shallowly beating lump at its center, the blue, green and orange sparks that came off of it made the dark night around them light up in a spectra of colours.


For a moment he allowed himself to look at her, and that’s when it hit him. ’Oh, damn it all’, he thought, feeling incredably foolish as he saw the lights reflect in her eyes. He reached out a hand, not to the star, but to her. The flame she carried was his for sure, but for some time now, he realised, his heart had not resided in those sparks.


His fingers touched hers and she looked up at him, making the wizard hold his breath for a moment as he felt so-mething in his chest move, a warm, tingly feeling spreading through it as the icy cold melted away.

And he smiled.


TEKNIKER:  maskinsömnad, handsömnad.

Tekniker: blandteknik

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